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Own A Vintage Entex Adventure Vision System

No TV required.

Brian just pointed out this auction for a rare Entex Adventure Vision game. It includes a boxed console and three of the four original games (two of them in boxes). It's currently $399 and he reports, "Compared to the last one I saw on ebay over a year ago ($5500.00) it's starting out real cheap."

Only 50,000 of these unique LED-based systems were made and I was torn about mentioning it on the site. I'd dearly like it for myself, but something tells me it'll eventually sell for way more than I can afford.

From the auction text: "The Adventure Vision is an all in one cartridge-based video game console released by Entex Industries in 1982. Control is through a single joystick and two sets of four buttons, one set on each side of the joystick, Making it is easy to play for both left- and right-handed players.

An interesting feature of the Adventure Vision is its screen Rather than using an LCD screen or an external television set like other systems of the time, the Adventure Vision uses a single vertical line of 40 red LEDs combined with a spinning mirror inside the casing. This allows for a screen resolution of 150 x 40 pixels. Game cartridges can be stored in spaces on top of the case. Entex released four games for the Adventure Vision: Defender, Super Cobra, Turtles and Space Force."

Entex Adventure Vision System [eBay]


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