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Tondo Super 8 Projector Proves The 1970s Were Curvier

It looks more like a set piece from '2001' than a projector.

Let's not mince words; the Italian Tondo 8mm projector is a mechanical work of art. Made possible by the wonders of ABS plastic, G.L. Cernuschi's Tondo Junior CT1 Super 8 projector was released in 1969. It was followed a year later by the CT80 (above + below), which accepted both Super 8 and Regular 8mm formats and came in dashingly modern red, green or blue.

Mickey Mouse? Is that you in there?

Of course, the toy-like design virtually ensured that these little machines would never be taken seriously by die-hard collectors, especially since manufacturer Polistil got its start in the early 1960s molding plastic model cars. Nevertheless, the cheery Tondo lineup proved irresistible throughout Europe and remained on the market until the mid-1970s.

With designs like this, it's no wonder that futurists in the 1970s envisioned people of the 21st century living in a streamlined plastic world. Little did they know we'd just end up lounging around graffiti-infested housing projects, quietly caressing our sleek iPhones while wondering where the future went.

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