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Self-Cleaning Oven Saves Fingernails Everywhere

Available in bulletproof avocado green. 
I'm glad that we live in a world where anachronistic ads like this one are... um... anachronistic, and this one brings up some uncomfortable questions. Even though both husband and wife are depicted, it still positions the stove as being primarily for the lady of the house to operate and care about. She's cajoling her old man into the purchase by crowing the ease of the self-cleaning mode (usually accessed by setting the oven to "molten core"), and the timer that will make sure that dinner's on time even on auto pilot. His comments are that he likes the build of the stove - because men are imbued genetically with expertise in how all stoves should be built.

I can't put my finger on it, but the underlying tone of the ad bothers me a bit. From the looks of the stove and the hairstyles, this isn't exactly ancient history. When did appliance manufacturers get comfortable with marketing to a world where men do actually touch the oven from time to time?

Of course the most uncomfortable question posed by this ad is exactly how many fingers does this lady have?

via Found In Mom's Basement


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