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Atari Arcade: Freeplay Mode for the Internet

They should have called it Ataricade!

The company formerly known as Infogrames -- now masquerading as the latest incarnation of Atari -- has decided to dig into the massive vault of classic titles to spice up their website.

The result is the Atari Arcade. The place is a bit sparse at the moment, with only Asteroids, Battlezone, Crystal Castles and Lunar Lander tucked in a corner by the drink machine. Thankfully, someone thought to include a couple of 2600 titles (Adventure and the brilliantly trippy Yar's Revenge) to remind us why everyone bothered to make the trip to the arcade in the first place. 

The emulations are good for in-browser flash games, but old vector titles like Battlezone and Asteroids never feel quite right on an LCD -- it's like playing on an old monitor that needs a new tube -- but that just adds an authentic touch to the experience.

Atari Arcade: Freeplay Mode for the Internet [via Technabob]


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