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RotorWay Unveils "Affordable" New Turbine Helicopter

RotorWay Eagle 300T prototype

RotorWay has been manufacturing recreational kit-built helicopters for almost 50 years. The company has produced several thousand kits over the years. The only problem is that it takes a minimum of 350 to 400 hours to build a kit, not including the time required to properly balance the blades, get it FAA certified and perform flight testing. 

Enter the RotorWay Eagle 300T, the company's first certified (ready to fly) production helicopter. It incorporates a Rolls Royce RR300 turbine engine designed for low-cost operation and high reliability (the turbine also doesn't require 100 LL fuel, which is becoming increasingly rare outside the USA).

Eagle 300T Preliminary Specs

Powerplant RR300-B1
Seats 2
MAUW 2050lbs (930 kg)
Empty Weight 950 lbs. (431 kg)
Cargo Sling Max 500 lbs. (226 kg)
Useful Load 1100 lbs. (499 kg)
Fuel 80 US gal. (302 L)
Duration 2hrs +30 min res
Cruise 110kts/127mph
Service Ceiling 13000ft (3962 m)

The company is currently accepting deposits for the new craft, although the final price is still to be decided. All they're saying for now is that it'll cost more than a Robinson R22, which retails for $243,000.

RotorWay Eagle 300T Helicopter


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