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Victorian Photography In The 21st Century

Something old and something new...

Duncan Waldron recently resurrected a Victorian-era camera, with haunting results.

He says, "This image was taken with an old wooden camera that I found in an antique shop in Edinburgh. I decided recently to see how it performed, and so loaded it with a sheet of BW printing paper. The paper, at approximately ISO3 (yes, three), is probably similar in speed to the glass plates that would have been in use at the time (around 1870s); the exposure here was 45 seconds at about f/14 (double that would have been better). The focal length of the lens is around 145mm, and the focusing adjustment was extended to its maximum, which was presumably the setting for a group portrait.

A mysterious wooden box.

For this ‘resurrection’ of a lovely old camera, I decided to take the photograph in an antique shop. It seemed more appropriate than the Coffs Jetty! My thanks to David Mann at Olde Memories & Treasures, who patiently sat for me today – without the aid of a Victorian neck support! Incidentally, David is reading a copy of The Age from 1854 – Vol. 1 No. 1."

A print of this image can be yours for $19.95, and Duncan's more modern photography is definitely worth a look as well.

A Victorian camera lives again


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