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Arm Your Lego Minifigs With More Realistic Weapons

Is that rifle six and a half feet long?

For those of us who grew up on Lego, those little minifigs hold a special place in our hearts. When I was populating my stubby plastic towns, there were only a few varieties of the little guys, but since then there's been a plastic population explosion even including licensed properties like Star Wars and Spider Man. I do still buy the occasional Lego set, and have learned that there is a large community Jimmy is going to run into trouble when he checks his baggage.of adult collectors, and some have gone so far as to manufacture new Lego compatible parts.

Brickarms has been around for a couple of years, specializing in weapons modeled after the real thing. They are of course stylized to fit the scale of Lego minifigs, but they have an amazing array of realistic and fantasy weapons. They also offer limited edition collectible minifigs. These have beautifully printed label stock applied to look as much like regular production minifigs as possible, but are intended more for display than play. I've got my eye on suave secret agent 007 in his tuxedo and hidden gun in his briefcase.

Thanks to design and manufacture technology being more accessible to more people, at long last we have a third party producer of specialty Lego compatible accessories out there. The Lego company has always been I'd smirk too if I had such a cool gun.savagely protective of their trademarks, especially after being threatened by compatible competitors (sometimes of questionable quality) in recent years. It's easy to see that Brickarts is top notch stuff, modeled by people who care about quality and care about Lego. So now your minifig armies can be armed to their plastic teeth while staving off the threat of any Tinkertoy or K'nex nemesis.

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