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Audiophile Magazine Reviews Sony's First CD Player

Laser beams everywhere!

Martin sent us a link to Stereophile's 1983 review of Sony's CDP-101 player. It's a fun read filled with the usual audiophile nonsense about "almost unbelievable freedom from strain" and "pervasive dryness." In the end, reviewer J. Gordon Holt was suitably impressed by the pricey digital box, even though it had no knobs to twiddle knowledgeably.

"Our long-awaited laser-audio disc player (usually called the CD, for "Compact Disc") finally arrived, along with a real bonanza of software: two discs—a Polygram classical sampler of material from Decca, Deutsche Grammophon and Philips, and a Japanese CBS recording of Bruckner's 4th Symphony, with Kubelik."

Holt expressed concern over the $1000 price tag and the lack of "audiophile-quality fare" in the pipeline, "At this price, John Q Public isn't exactly going to embrace the CD with open wallet. Its market (besides a few wealthy individuals who'll buy it for the status value or out of admiration for the high technology it represents), will be serious audiophiles, and its potential success in that quirky marketplace is going to depend on how good it sounds and how much software (program material) is available for it. In fact, the software situation may be the biggest deterrent to its immediate acceptance by a public already primed by the slick magazines to expect perfection from digital audio."

The early eighties staff of Stereophile would never have believed that Walmart would eventually sell a rainbow of tacky Sony CD Boom boxes for only $28. Nor would they have been comfortable with the notion that the CD player would be obsolete within a quarter century, replaced by millions of cordless telephones made by Apple.

Read the complete Sony CDP-101 review at Stereophile


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