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Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Bloc-Alarm - Heighten Security With Coppery Doorstop Alarm

This doorstop speaks for itself.

Here's an entirely hypothetical situation. Imagine a couple who never understood why "privacy" might be important to their offspring. When their son reached high school age in the 80's, he would undoubtedly be up to no good, right? This rapscallion had a pretty nefarious track record too.  Editor of the school paper, advanced placement classes, president of Doctor Who club... you know the type. Trouble.

As all good parents know, the most responsible course of action is snap inspections. Countless times bursting into his room would catch the young blaggard curled up with an issue of Model Railroader, or possibly doing his homework. Undoubtedly one day these parents would catch their son at something, and he would be forever grateful for their intrusion and mistrust, right?  After all you can't spell "healthy suspicion" without the word "healthy".

Fweeeeeee! Woop! Woop! Eeeeeeh! Eeeeeeeh! His retaliation was, sadly, quite effective. It didn't demand raised voices or violence. Just two double A batteries. No one knew where he found a 1960's-looking Bloc-Alarm. Then again, he was always a troublesome retro boy finding these forgotten gadgets at garage sales and thrift stores. Likely covered in germs...

This was a doorstop with a difference. Pulling up the metallic copper plate cocked the mechanism. Once placed gently under the door, it was ever vigilant, ever ready (like "Eveready" batteries!  Get it?). Opening the door at whatever speed trips the mechanism, settling off a shrill alarm while also preventing the door from opening. So the Bloc-Alarm both prevents entry, and sounds a frightening alert that makes even determined parents cower before it.

Handsome in its cheap chromish-ness.Though it went against the established logic of these parents, the young man vastly preferred the terrifying squeal of 1960's technology to the beneficial shrieking of accusations and a review of how he constantly fell short of everyone's expectations. The noisy doorstop remained a constant companion throughout the boy's high school and even college years. He keeps it close by still as a reminder of how strange and unpleasant things used to be. Hypothetically.

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