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Exploring The Soviet Arcade Games Museum

MagistralRobin Lee writes, "It’s almost 8:15 in the evening when we arrive at an anonymous building on the corner of Parkovaya Street. A small plaque on the wall confirms this is the right place – Moscow State Technical University.

Two uniformed security guards look up as we enter. My interpreter, Elena, tells them we are here to see the museum. One of them trots off down the stairs, and returns moments later with our host. He’s a young guy, wearing a striped shirt and with the kind of hair one stereotypically associates with a real boffin. His name is Maxim Pinigin, and he leads us down a dark stairwell into the basement, and swings open a heavy metal door.

I step into the room beyond, and find myself surrounded by history. This is the Soviet Arcade Games Museum, where a small group of dedicated amateurs has collected a number of arcade machines dating from the late seventies..."

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