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Pocket TV Was An Internet Meme Decades Too Soon

Good thing it's not a "I Can Has" brand TV.

There's nothing remarkable about this Citizen LCD TV these days. When it rolled out in the 80's, carrying broadcast TV around in your pocket was really something. Today's portable video devices do a lot more at a much smaller size (though I've yet to find one that receives over-the-air broadcasts yet). I can't use this TV much anymore since the US digital TV changeover, yet even now this little TV can still make me laugh.

Seems too wise to be so sarcastic.What makes me smile when I look at this TV is the logo in the corner for ORLY. It wasn't uncommon for these TV's to be used as special promotional items, so it's not surprising to see a corporate logo on one. I don't know who ORLY was back then (possibly related to the ORLY cosmetics company today?), but I know what "ORLY" means now. It's one of those internet memes that went from deeply obscure to almost a cliche.

If you hang out in internet discussion groups, you may have seen "image macros". They are usually a provocative or funny photo with a string of jokey text superimposed. One of the most popular has been "O RLY" written in big friendly letters beneath a funny picture of an owl. It's a sarcastic barb that translates into "Oh, really?". Simply ctrl+C this to someone, and you've immediately established your superiority for a few microseconds before your inbox gets letterbombed.

It makes me smirk to see a meme reach across the decades to touch an unrelated product. Obviously it's just a coincidence, but a fun one. I also wonder how many microsceconds before the picture of my little TV ends up used on some messageboard. Here's one version to get you started...

I can't believe I did it either... 

Portable TV's get left behind in digital switch


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