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Exposed: BLIP, The Not-Really-Digital Game

Blip. Clothed.

I owned Tomy's BLIP as a kid and always wondered how the buzzy little pseudo-pong game worked. Thankfully, the braniacs at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories recently snagged one on eBay and photographed (and videographed) a teardown, just for inquisitive ex-kids like us.

Blip. Unclothed.

From the original box: "BLIP is the TV type game that you can take with you anywhere. It's player against player when you BLIP it with a friend. Or player versus machine if you play BLIP against itself.

Activate the mechanical power source, by winding BLIP's timer. Now, press the serve button and watch the LED come at you. But don't watch it too long. To win, your hand must be quicker than the BLIP. Quickly press one of the numbered BLIP buttons to send the LED back where it came from. If your opponent misses, it's score one for you on the automatic digital scoreboard.

Take BLIP anywhere. On boats, trains, cars, rocketships and planes. When you play with BLIP, you get carried away. And so does BLIP. Requires 2 "AA" batteries, not included."

Read What Makes Blip Tick? for more photos and a nifty demo video.


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