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Break The TV Habit By Watching A TV/Waterfall/Clock

I feel a Tex Avery moment coming on... 
TV kitsch is no stranger to the pages of Retro Thing. Even after TV had been around for a while, lots of TV-shaped things celebrated the ol' boob tube for those who wanted to spend even more time thinking about the miracle of television. This TV/Waterfall/clock is an amusing collision of ideas that probably had just as many people scratching their heads back then as it does now.

About the size of a 1960's portable TV, this clock hangs several inches off of the wall, the woodgrain sides giving the fake TV a realistic depth. The clock is ordinary enough, but it's the "broadcast" that's of interest. This now faded waterfall picture is not only backlit, but using polarization effects actually has an animated waterfall! It's like those old bar signs, where you can see alternating stripes of light and dark animate behind a backlit picture (also used to great effect in Star Trek: The Next Generation for their control panel displays).

I haven't been brave enough to hang this up yet. Having a prop TV hanging off the wall just looks a bit odd. Similar animated light "paintings" are still available today, and are much thinner than this one. Is there any chance anyone will make one soon that looks like a flat panel HD television?


TV coin bank, salt & pepper shakers
Classic Westinghouse portable TV
GE's enormous widescreen TV from 1978


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