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Shogun Warriors Are Back In Stormtrooper Style

I wonder if these guys are better at hitting the broadside of a Bantha...

In the late 70's, Mattel imported toys from the Japanese "Machinder" line. There were some lovely diecast spaceships and robots, but towering above them were the 2 foot tall Jumbo Machinders, If only I'd had 15 lousy bucks back then.sold here in the US as "Shogun Warriors". In addition to their impressive size, the large robots (and Godzilla!) were equipped with shooting fists and many, many firing missiles.

Hollow, yet stocky. Super7 Magazine is devoted to Japanese figure collecting, and for years has offered their own line of limited edition collectible vinyl figures, but this is their most ambitious project yet. This officially licensed Star Wars Stormtrooper manufactured in the same style as the original Shogun Warriors, the first Jumbo Shogun type toy to be made in 25 years. There never was a Stormtrooper back then, but there certainly could have been. The Stormtrooper features an articulated head & neck, wheels on the feet, the signature "firing fist" as well as a highly detailed version of the BlasTech blaster from the movies. Super7 is even using the same blow molding process for the Stormtrooper as they did for the original toys, to have an authentic feel throughout.

This is our favorite type of project, when determined fans are able to create something new in the spirit of an older idea. However this isn't being marketed as a toy, but rather as a limited edition collectible. Super7 are taking preorders right now for their May 29th release date. Pre-orders will get free shipping as well as a special certificate. If my fist don't get you, my wheeled feet will!The trooper is $299, and will only be available as a limited issue. These are going to go fast because in this single product you have a collectible that's of interest to robot collectors, toy collectors, anime enthusiasts, and Star Wars fans. I predict that once these Stormtroopers are available in select stores, fists will be flying - literally!


Preorder a Shogun Warrior Stormtrooper


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