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SYM Classic 150 Emulates An Early Seventies Honda

The new SYM Classic 150

The SYM Classic 150 is a modern motorcycle styled like a vintage Honda CB125S. That's not particularly surprising, since San Yang Motorcycle (SYM) of Taiwan used to manufacture motorcycles for Honda. They're now an independent company with 2,400 employees that sells about 1 million scooters, motorcycles and automobiles each year.


The Classic 150 is powered by a 149.4 cc 4-stroke air cooled carbureted motor. Despite having only 12.5 hp on tap, it's capable of hitting more than 75 mph and gets as much as 118 mpg at more moderate speeds. The bike has a light curb weight of 266.2 lbs and features a front disc brake to handle heavy stopping with ease, along with a rear-mounted drum.

Assuming that SYM doesn't attempt to cut corners on quality, the $2995 Classic 150 looks like a great beginner and urban bike.

The 2010 SYM Classic 150 [thanks, Stephen!]


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