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Free Dalek Poster & Almost Free Ink For Your Printer

Keep buggering on, Dalek... 
Recently the Daleks trundled out again on the new series of Doctor Who. They were garbed in military drab green, with tiny Union Jacks under their eye sticks, and they seemed to be at the beck & call of Winston Churchill. The production team did a great job of depicting London during the Blitz, down to an atmospheric replica of the underground war room where Churchill made his plans.

One prop that caught my eye was an authentic looking poster of a Dalek done in the style of propaganda of the era. I wondered whether the BBC might make it available as a free download, and to my surprise they did! Just download the PDF and print it yourself. I printed it onto a sheet of glossy photo paper, and it looks great.

If you're running low on ink, there's a special running today at Walgreens pharmacies across the US. Since today is Earth Day you can help by refilling your old printer cartridges for $1. The special offer is today only, and unfortunately doesn't include refilling carts by Canon or Epson - coincidentally the very printers that I have here. So grab your free poster, your cheap ink, and spread the word that the Daleks are finally on our side... or are they?


Free Dalek poster from BBC website
Learn more about the $1 ink refill offer


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