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Full-Sized Daleks - Practice Exterminating Your Friends And Loved Ones

DalekYou can now get full-size reproductions of Doctor Who's most famous mechanical nemesis - The Dalek. This Planet Earth was able to get their hands on some of the BBC's prized props and the result is a series of bang-on replicas. I didn't realize that Daleks are a lot like cars - they came in a seemingly endless array of colors with a dazzling assortment of lumpy colored accessories. The price? Around £2000. The manufacturer's FAQ helpfully explains how you can convince your spouse to let one of these mechanical monsters through the door:

"You can either tell them before you receive the Dalek or surprise them when it arrives.If you tell them before, explain that it is an investment. No-one else has made them before, and that it's not often that you treat yourself to something that you've waited twenty or more years for.If you decide on the surprise approach it may be preferable to show them the various parts making up the Dalek 'one at a time' over a period of a few days.The instant shock of seeing the full item in all it's glory may be too much for them."

Oh, they also have Cybermen and a full-sized Tardis (alas, I've already purchased the one containing Billie Piper).

Dalek, Tardis, Cyberman and K-9 replicas (via The Red Ferret Journal)


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