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Kodak Announces Ektachrome 100D For Super 8

Kodak's 2010 Super 8 film lineup

The Super 8 film format is 45 years old, but Kodak has just released Ekatachrome 100D daylight balanced color reversal film in Super 8 cartridges. It's a bittersweet introduction, since Big K is discontinuing two other Super 8 films to make way for the new emulsion.

Plus-X (B&W reversal) and Ektachrome 64T (color reversal) will fade into the history books as soon as current stocks are depleted. The loss of Plus-X stings; it's a favorite for moody music videos and no-budget indie films. As for Ektachrome 64T, it was introduced five years ago as a replacement for Kodachrome and didn't really earn the trust of Super 8 filmmakers.

This leaves Kodak with a total of four different Super 8 films (Ektachrome 100D, Tri-X B&W reversal, and 200T and 500T Vision negative films). I'm very impressed with the company's tenacity -- everyone seemed to think that the format was done for when Kodachrome was retired, but it's still going strong.

Bye bye 64T and Plus-X, hello 100D! [from schmalfilm magazine via OnSuper8]

Kodak: Spotlight on Super 8


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