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1979 Nintendo Space Fever Arcade Game

Space-fever Victor Barlow writes, "Here's something cool I saw on eBay and thought I'd report -- A 1979 Nintendo Space Fever Arcade Game."

Although the auction pics are pitifully small, this machine looks to be in really good shape. The $1000 price tag might be reasonable, given that this is an extremely rare machine in North America.

Just be aware that it carries a $500 shipping charge -- I'd be inclined to drive to its current home in Sheyenne, North Dakota to pick it up instead.

Space Fever was released in 1979 in two versions - color and B&W. It's basically a Space Invaders clone, although it has three different game modes in which the aliens behave in slightly different ways. As with many machines of that era, the console is built around two processors - a Zilog Z80 running at 3.072 MHz and an Intel 8035 clocked at a mere 400 kHz.

I'm not an arcade machine collector, but I'll admit this quirky little machine has piqued my interest.

"RARE" 1979 Space Fever Nintendo Cocktail Game [eBay]


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