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1983 Naked Eyes Song Was A Burt Bachrach Remake?

The song "Always Something There To Remind Me" always reminds me specifically of the 80's. Not only was the song everywhere back then, it's on every 80's retrospective now. To me the sound is so distinctly 80's with those synth bell sounds that were so common in a post Yamaha DX-7 world. The song is definitely a product of its time - a musical snapshot of when synthpop and MTV were new, so imagine my surprise when I learned the song was a 60's Burt Bachrach hit!

Click here for the original music video.The song was originally recorded by Dionne Warwick (I wonder which of her psychic friends advised her to do it) as a demo in 1963, but it became a geniune #1 hit in the UK the next year when performed by Sandie Shaw (seen here in a performance that needs a cup of coffee). The herky-jerky beats of the song definitely work (though there's an unsettling key change toward the end), and now I'm hearing the 80's song in an all new way. How did I never notice those signature 60's chord progressions in the Naked Eyes 1980's mega-hit?

Of course the best known version of the song came 20 years later from synthpoppers Naked Eyes - reportedly Bachrach's favorite version. It's become a sort of musical shortcut for 80's nostalgia shows, so closely identified with the 80's sound that it's still difficult to believe that the song is decades older than I thought. You can still hear the 80's version on the radio everywhere today on "adult contemporary" radio stations. If you've ever had one of your teenage favorites relegated to "adult contemporary" radio, you understand how I'm feeling right now.

1980's Naked Eyes version of "There's Always Something There To Remind Me"

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