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Glow-In-The-Dark Stoplight Lamp Pull Mystery

Stop in the name of energy conservation. 
There are those things you grow up around, and are surprised when you learn they're not a normal part of everyone else's lives. For example it wasn't until high school that I fully realized that on Saturdays, the other kids' fathers didn't send them with a 1930's army backpack to the Czech butcher shop to pick up the latest copy of the "Denní Hlasatel". I'm still kind of slow to realize things like that.

I also thought that everyone had these 2 inch glow-in-the-dark lamp pulls that look like stoplights. Many houses in my neighborhood had these hanging from their basement & pantry light fixtures. They are also mighty old - even back in the 70's when I s first saw them the glow on many barely worked. Within the glowing body are two red & green bits of transparent plastic that reflect light in a way that can make them look almost illuminated, which rounds out the cuteness of the thing.

They must have been part of some local promotional giveaway if so many people throughout Chicago had them. I actually didn't get one until fairly recently when I was helping clear out a neighbor's basement and found one stuffed in a drawer. There is no clue as to the stoplight's origin, or what year it might be from. I've only found one other reference to it online, and it was on the page of an avid collector of... you guessed it... stoplights. It's cute, and even with its dimmed glow it's rather useful for its original purpose. But what could it represent? A reminder to put a "stop" to wasting electricity? Or to help you remember to tip your local stoplight cleaner? Can any of our readers shed some light on this mystery?


Dining room lamp mystery
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