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Peel Microcars Prove Size Isn't Everything

Peel Trident

Andy Carter runs a brilliant site dedicated to tiny Peel microcars, built in the mid-1960s by Peel Engineering on the Isle of Man. The company's most popular vehicles were the Peel P50 single-seater (47 made from 1963-64) and the exceedingly funky Peel Trident two person bubble car (82 made from 1964-66).

Both models are 3-wheelers powered by a 49cc DKW moped engine mated to a 3 speed gearbox. They feature glass fibre construction without a chassis, and the company's sales material proudly claims over 100 mpg with a top speed of more than 40 mph.

The P50 was famously featured on Top Gear in 2007, when 6' 5" host Jeremy Clarkson miraculously folded himself into one and took it for a spin inside the BBC offices.

The P50 and Trident sold for under £200 new, but because relatively few roadworthy examples remain, they've been known to change hands for up to £35,000. If you're in the market for an updated version of a Peel classic, Andy's Modern Microcars company offers replica body shells starting at a much more reasonable £1,650.

Andy Carter's Peel Microcar Site [via Make]


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