Few people have heard of it, yet many consider John Blankenbaker's KENBAK-1 to be the first commercial personal computer.

Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Your 8 Track Player Can Sing With The Voice Of Cassettes

Don't leave home without it.It's been a cool spring - possibly the first spring you ever cared about. Finally, prom night is here. You've invested heavily in the After Six Miami Vice double-breasted tuxedo that you and you date picked out. You're still on budget, though after adding up the corsage, the dinner, and those snappy patent leather rental shoes things are running a bit tight. Fortunately your lady doesn't care much about a limo, and besides... your dad promised you could borrow the Monte Carlo. Your hair is finally fixed, your face is as good as it's ever going to be, so you race to the Monty figuring you have just enough time to stow the T-tops in the trunk.

Damn! The tires are all flat... probably your jerky neighbor with the Buick Regal. Your pop tosses you the keys to his beloved pickup truck, a truck so old and rusty that no one knows what make it might have once been. Ford? Chevy? Radio Flyer? Heck, it's wheels. You clamber in, trying not to spill the soup can full of Newport butts. Horrors! You suddenly realize that the radio is AM only. You can't impress your girl on prom night while barely tuning in the farm report.

A medium-tech marriage that just can't last...Fortunately you crafted the perfect mix tape, but argh! The truck only plays 8 tracks! It took two days to get that mix tape just right. Side "A" is party music for the journey there, side "B" is all soulful and gorgeous... for listening to after dark. You can't let the tool with the Regal get the better of you, even if he does have a portable CD player and cassette adapter to play through his car's stereo.

Fortunately you remember the gift you gave your dad last father's day. It takes a couple of solid punches to get the glove box to give up its grip. Out tumble some complimentary roadside maps, a tiny spray bottle of "new car smell", and the Kraco KCA-7. It's a chunky bit of plastic that shoves into the 8 track tape slot, and can play every crucial song on that mix cassette you made. You chuck in the Kraco, and after a few tense moments it works. It doesn't sound great, but the Farfisa fueled lunacy of "Rock Lobster" bleats through. Perfect.

Couldn't be much simpler.You listen to the first few songs on the way to her house, but when you're five minutes away you stop the music and pop the tape. Since the Kraco is using the 8 track tape player's motor, the drive only goes in one direction. In order to rewind side "A" you have to flip the cassette, pop it back into the Kraco, and fast forward side "B" until the end.

You finish the clever tape rewind maneuver as you pull up to her house. Dad is on the creaky front porch fiddling with the Instamatic. Your date descends the stairs in the most gorgeous dress you've ever seen, looking like an angel on top of a cake. Mom fusses over this and that, smoothing back her daughter's precious curls. Dad peers over his aviator sunglasses at you, firmly says "twelve thirty", and presses two damp tens into your hand. The pair of you are in the truck. Her tresses cascade down her neck as she throws her head back, laughing at the adventure so far. She starts the tape, points and waves at her folks, and the truck lurches into the twilight while the two of you sing along to those weird songs no one else understands. Perfect.


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