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Fly Your Favorites Vehicles At The Sci Fi Airshow

No orange jumpsuits?

Sci Fi Airshow is an effort long overdue to preserve and maintain our science fiction vehicular heritage. Too often when the cameras stopped rolling, these classy vehicles were cut down for scrap (there's a well known story that the Jupiter II and those water-heater shaped robots from Flash Gordon were melted down to make that vehicle from "Damnation Alley"), or given away to become ersatz jungle gyms at Hollywood orphanages.

That logo looks a little familiar...Fortunately the staff of the all new Sci Fi Air Show are dedicated to keeping these classic sci-fi vehicles in top shape. You can see notable Irwin Allen & Gerry Anderson vehicles on display. If you're one of the lucky few, you can even ride the old beasts through maneuvers (though I'd skip out on the Spindrift. Its wingless design makes it notoriously difficult to fly).

I remember it much smaller... Or you could if I hadn't made all of that up. Actually Sci Fi Air Show is the work of talented effects artist Bill George. Of course none of these vehicles were actually capable of movement, few were more than models filmed by special effects technicians. Bil George has created scifiairshow.com to fantasize what it would be like to actually get to walk inside your favorite retro future spaceships. I know it's all just deft work in Photoshop and 3D software, but I still hope someone pulls this off for real someday!


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