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New Single Released On Wax Cylinder


Lisa Brennan writes, "Jed Davis (a friend of mine) just put out his new single on wax cylinder from the Vulcan Cylinder Record Company. He sent them the music in digital form but there is apparently a guy in Long Island who is set up to record live to cylinder.

Although he included an mp3 along with a B-side of the audio from the cylinder, I really want to get a cylinder phonograph now. I did see a few of them on eBay so I feel pretty confident that it's possible to still buy one in decent working condition for a reasonable price."

The four-minute edit of "Yuppie Exodus From Dumbo" [listen] has been released as a limited edition of 50 cylinders, signed and numbered by Jed and illustrator Michael Doret, who designed the packaging. The $30 package includes access to the full-fidelity downloadable single with a unique B-side -- audio dubbed directly from the cylinder. Snap, crackle and pop never sounded so good.

Find out more at the Jed Davis Song Foundry


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