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Sandwiches In A Can

Am I the only one thinking of the odl SNL bit with 'Pork Soda'?
Move over sardines & Spam, there's a new game in town for canned food. Set to roll out onto store shelves next month is a new series of canned chow called Candwich. We've written about both unusual and mundane foods before, but this might just take the biscuit. An interesting collision of a number of ideas, Candwich is a new line of sandwiches sealed into a container the size of a soda can. The inventor says that inspiration hit when he had a cookie in one hand, and a soda in the other and figure that the two should somehow come together.

The first Candwiches will be grape and strawberry PBJ's, as well as the alarming BBQ chicken (with calzones and pepperoni pizza on the way). Jeff Pierson, a wildlife photographer, has been testing Candwiches for a year. Because of the nature (heh) of his line of work, he's said that it's been tremendously beneficial to have ready-to-eat food rolling around in his car for months without the worry of refrigeration or storage. Another benefit of the soda-can size is that these sandwiches can fit neatly into existing vending machines. It seems weird, but I guess there are a lot of foods we're not used to seeing in a can that can actually fit inside one. A Swedish camping supplier has fit a whole cheeseburger into a can.

Want to bet the burger is not nearly this pretty once you pry it out of the can?
The goal with Candwich is to create a more mainstream application for canned food - a 450 calorie alternative to running out to the local franchise. One PR fight they're going to have might be the public's perception that these might be some kind of gross liquified drinkable sandwich. Eww. The bigger struggle will be getting over people's fear of unrefrigerated meat, but there's no reason the Candwich process couldn't work. Military MRE (meal ready to eat) packs also store a variety of foods without refrigeration for months and even years at a time in the harshest of conditions.

The Candwich is even faster than fast food, and could conceivably be more than just a convenience for busy people - they could even be a smart food delivery method in emergencies. We'll just have to wait and see whether Candwich can rub shoulders with other canned food classics like deviled ham and Spaghetti-Os, or will it forever be a food oddity like Marmite? Let us know if you spot any!

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