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New Solution For Cleaning Records

As much as I love records, they do require some TLC to get the best sound out of them. You may remember our video review of the Nitty Gritty record cleaner, showcasing a specially built machine for getting the gunk out of your records. Here's a new non-mechanical way to clean records that promises to take them back in time to the very day they were pressed.

If you skitter ahead to about 42 seconds into this video, you'll see the answer. Cary Stoddard offers a tub of goo that you smear onto everything but the label of your record. Eight hours later, the solution dries and you can peel it away, taking with it all the grime and mold that had been trapped in the grooves. Stoddard refers to this process as "revirginization". Seems great, except for the part about the eight hour wait. It's also rather expensive, ringing in at something like $3 US per record. Obviously terrific for some super rare recordings you're trying to restore, but not so great for day to day use. Terrific that this sort of technology is available outside the closely guarded audio restoration community. If it's ever available outside Australia, we'll give it a spin.

Official Record Revirginizer site

Nitty Gritty record cleaner video review
Vintage record cutter
Modern machine for cutting records


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