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Al Flosso: The Magic Of Magic

Somewhere between dinosaurs and astronauts, every boy goes through a magic phase. I did, and the fascination never vanished. Though it took me several years to learn that the fun is more than just the gimmicks and props that come with a Marshall Brodien Magic Kit. It's more about the style and zing of your performance.

Many of us can remember back to getting a magic kit. Did you hungrily devour the secret instructions as eagerly as I did? That's why so many of us know the mechanics of the "disappearing milk" jug, and we understand the secret of the "Chinese Linking Rings". Before you ask; if you don't know these secrets, the magician's code prevents me from telling you! As mysterious as they may be, the props are only a small part of what makes magic fun to watch. Even if you know the secret to a magic trick, it's still a delight to see a really good performance of it. It's like hearing a cover version of a favorite song. It may be the same base material, but what's interesting is how each band reinterprets it. The song can can either be a simple mechanical copy, or a wonderful new creation.

This 1952 clip from "It's Magic" features Al Flosso's hysterical version of "The Miser's Dream", a classic magician's trick. He performed on Coney Island for decades, honing his performance into what you see here. It is so funny, so fast, so amazing, so outside of what you expect to see, that it's easy to forget that you've seen this trick a hundred times before. The gadget lover in me adores the clever mechanics and secret gimmicks that come along with tricks like these, but it's that human touch that makes genuine magic.


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