Few people have heard of it, yet many consider John Blankenbaker's KENBAK-1 to be the first commercial personal computer.

Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Emulating The Commodore 64's Sound Chip


The Commodore SID -- a 3 voice music synthesizer on a chip -- is probably the most famous computer sound generator of the early 1980s. Many of the kids who grew up listening to its distinctive sound never lost their taste for raw analog music, and it still enjoys a cult following.

SIDizer is a software emulation that mimics the sound and flaws of several versions of the SID chip with startling realism. The program simulates the half wave filter distortion of earlier 6581 versions of the chip, along with other famous glitches such as oscillator leakage, input noise and switchable 6581/8580 D/A converter distortion.


To streamline the creative process, the GUI offers hands-on tweaking of every parameter on a single page along with an 8 step arpeggiator, pitch and mod wheel support, portamento, stereo spread and a bit cruncher module with pre and post filter routing. SIDizer lists for $64, although the first 64 customers can pick up a copy for only $49.

HyperSynth SIDizer Software Based SID Synth


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