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Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Summer Can't Be Over, I'm Still Wearing My 80s Shades


There is sill plenty of summer left, people. Nothing ticks me off more than people greeting the first few days of September as if autumn were only minutes away. Summer doesn't end officially for another couple of weeks. I advise all fellow mavericks to dare wear white after Labor Day, keep hitting the beaches, and cook every possible meal you can outside. In return I pledge to continue wearing these flashy 80's sunglasses until I see snow.

Okay, I realize that I should have a strict geometric haircut and skin tight leathers on, but even on their own the specs offer quite the effect, eh? I did get these in the 80's, even though they're were not exactly a fit for my personality or fashion sense... ever. Perhaps I invested in them as I could see that these were going to be a real artifact of the 80's - the amateur anthropologist in me knew that this style was not going to stay part of the mainstream for long and these would be a great souvenir of that decade. Or more likely, they were 99 cents.

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