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The Return Of The Sound Burger

Crosley turntable
Sound BurgerCrosley, maker of jukeboxes, radios and vintage-styled all-in-one record players, is coming out with a product that it's calling the Revolution, but it really is a derivation.

The Revolution is a pretty spot-on replica/update of Audio Technica's Sound Burger, the best name ever bestowed on an audio product. Crosley's Revolution can handle 7- and 12-inch records at 33 1/3 or 45 rpm. It is powered by 6 AA batteries or an AC-to-DC adapter. It outputs five ways: built-in speaker, USB port, FM transmitter, headphone jack and line-level 3.5 mm output.

Crosley says it's coming soon at a cost of $150. Amazingly, this is the company's first battery-powered offering. I say amazingly, because some of their suitcase-style players would seem ideal for bringing your LPs on a picnic, but require AC. (Though you can find case-like battery-powered record players, both old-looking and modern, elsewhere.)

[UPDATE: You can now buy it on Crosley's website.]


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