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Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

A Pen to Fight the Moon?

Moonfighter in flight

If a Bic or Papermate is too low-brow for you, consider writing your angry letters to eBay monolithic corporations with a fountain pen made with alloys containing honest-to-goodness moon dust and melted-down fragments from an Apollo spacecraft.

The Romain Jerome MoonFighter comes with snazzy space fighter styling, thanks to its winged "docking station." As the somewhat stilted press release explains:

Moonfighter The curved, streamlined barrel of the MoonFighter is studded with 48 hand-fixed rivets and extends an irresistible invitation to savour the pleasure of writing. Conveying a blend of aesthetic perfection and historical inspiration, MoonFighter features a forward-jutting profile with toothed plates like the ventilation apertures on an aircraft fuselage. The pen is topped by a cap equipped with three small blades, engraved with the initials RJ and tipped with a titanium point endowing the MoonFighter with an airy feel and user-friendliness that make light of gravity.

It's unclear exactly how much moondust and Apollo metal is in each pen. Also, there's no price listed. I imagine it will be higher than the moon. (Rimshot!) Perhaps the fine folks at Romain Jerome can use the proceeds to hire a Photoshop expert to help them with the clipping of their product shots.


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