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Kenner's Action Cow With Amazing Milking Action

When it's the late 70's, and you're Kenner Toys, you're probably doing pretty well with all that cash from Star Wars figures. So you're feeling bold, you want to try new things. After all, Star Wars was a bit of a gamble... who knows what could be the next epoch making toy. 

Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow, course. It's a toy cow that drinks water from a trough when you pump her tail. Because one of her stomachs is loaded with fake milk tablets, the water turns into  “pretend milk” (imagine cleaning the real thing out of her plastic insides) that you coax from her udders. I'm not the only one who finds this more than a little creepy, right? 

My feeling is that if you're interested in this toy, there's a good chance that you already have access to a cow. Or maybe I'm stereotyping here. Plenty of city kids could learn something from playing with the Resusci-Annie of cows. I also figure that more than a few kids took a taste of the “pretend milk” (which they made a point of mentioning no less than three times in the ad). With the giant success of their Star Wars & other toy lines of the time, perhaps Kenner was in the mood to experiment. With results like these, it was probably best that they waited until the next Star Wars movie. 

If the toy were made by Mattel's Hot Wheels division, perhaps they would have warned “some cows not for use with some sets”...


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