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What DSLR Photography Would Have Looked Like In 1929


There were no digital cameras back in the 1920s, of course. But that didn't stop intrepid photographer Jonas Kroyer from pairing a vintage lens from a Zeiss Ikonette with a modern Nikon D300.

His plan came together when he came across an old camera with a chipped lens and separated the lens and shutter mechanism from the body. He then created a t-shaped steel adapter to hold the bellows and lens firmly in place on a Nikon Bayonet mount scavenged from an old no-name lens. From there, it was just a matter of mounting a couple of brass knobs to adjust focus. A tiny spring from a ballpoint pen forced the shutter open, to allow the Nikon's shutter to snap each image.


The lens functions as an 80mm prime with full-frame cameras, or as a 120mm with a modern DX sensor. Because the optics are uncoated, pointing it at a light source results in all sorts of ghosting and lens flaring. Still, beautiful results are possible with a bit of care and attention.


Jonas reports, "I have spent a lot time using only this lens on photo walks and I found it to be a fun challenge as it requires quite some thought as to what you are pointing it at. It also reminded me of the fact that good photography has nothing to do with the quality of the gear you are using, but your ability to compose a photo."

Ikonette a DIY DSLR-lens [thanks, Sally Perkins!]


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