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The Pinhole Hasselblad - Now Downloadable!

No hassle pinhole

It has been a long while since a pinhole camera graced these pages. To fix that unfortunate oversight, here are some pics of Kelly Angood's stunning pinhole Hasselblad. It's screen printed on corrugated cardboard and accepts 120 film. The original in her portfolio is accompanied by hand processed prints and an A4-size guidebook.


Best of all, she has plans to release released a downloadable 35mm version that can be printed at home and constructed using a few household items. It'll snap 12-14 images per roll and should be available within a few weeks.

[Update: Kelly just emailed me to announce that the camera is now available for download as a rather fantastic pdf booklet. Enjoy!]

The Pinhole Hasselblad [via Red Ferret]


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