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An Absolutely Stunning Neo Geo Console

Neo Geo in walnut
A genuine Neo Geo arcade machine board lurks inside this elegant walnut case. It's a clever hack that allows you to play real arcade versions of your favorite Neo Geo titles at home. And it could be yours.

The Neo Geo Multi Video System (MVS) was an arcade system board introduced in 1990. The ability to swap game packs made it very popular in the coin-op industry. After receiving positive feedback from gamers, SNK decided to bring the Neo Geo platform to the home console market as an extremely expensive ($600+) machine that offered hard-core gamers faithful versions of their arcade favorites.

Although the high price tag kept the system out of the mainstream, a procession of solid arcade titles ensured a long life, and Neo Geo machines remained on the market until 2004.

Neo Geo back panel

So why would you choose a "consolized" arcade version over the home machine? Chris at Analog Interactive explains:

"The price difference between MVS (arcade) and AES (Advanced Entertainment System home console) games is dramatic. While there are certainly bargain AES games, many of the best games are extremely expensive and very difficult to find. 

Overall, the price of games and their consistent immediate availability makes a Consolized MVS the best choice. Furthermore, our Consolized MVS offers superior video quality, output selection, functionality, and other overall features in contrast with any other Neo Geo system (AES, CD). We have essentially taken original hardware and updated it with modernized up to date features, giving you the ability to play Neo Geo like never before.

Lastly, the MVS game library is the biggest and truest of any Neo Geo system. Fan favorites like Captain Tomaday, Zupapa!, Nightmare in the Dark, Prehistoric Isle 2, and Neo Bomberman are MVS exclusives."

The hand-crafted Analogue Interactive CMVS will retail for $650. It includes a plethora of video outputs, stereo audio jacks, Unibios 3.0, a multi-volt power supply and a meticulously crafted cartridge slot with functional dust flaps. Available in May 2011.

Analog Interactive Neo Geo Consolized MVS


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