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SLG 3000: Add Grunge To Vintage Video Games

  A cased version of the SLG 3000 scanline generator

A classic 8-bit or 16-bit game played on a modern LCD doesn't look quite right. The colors are too precise, the graphics too angular. There's no ghosting as the TV tube lags behind the on-screen action and no scanlines. It's a sterile facsimile of the original tube experience.

That's where the Arcade Forge SLG 3000 VGA scanline generator comes in. This little €48.95 board adds scanlines to a standard VGA display (640x480 to 1600x1200 pixels). Just plug your pristine video source into the input, flip the DIP switches to select even or odd lines and the appropriate screen resolution and plug your monitor into the output port. There are even potentiometers for continuous scanline adjustment.

In a matter of seconds, your sexy $1000 flat screen will be transformed into the visual equivalent of an early 1980s 15 kHz arcade monitor. And it makes a world of difference for those of us weened on blurry arcade displays with burned in titles.

Arcade Forge SLG 3000 Scanline Generator [via retrocollect]


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