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Tissot Visodate: The Perfect Dress Watch?

Tissot Visodate white dial

As far as I am concerned, the Tissot Visodate is just about the perfect dress watch — and not just because it looks like something Don Draper would wear. The restrained silver-on-white face is elegant. Because I am incapable of remembering the day of the week, I need a day display, which I have discovered is a rarity in the world of automatic dress watches. And keeping things ticking along is a 25-jewel ETA movement. All for a street price of less than $500, which is certainly more than a Seiko 5 but decent for a Swiss-made automatic.

Released last year, the Visodate gets "inspiration" from watches of the 1950s. It was around that time that Tissot started including a day window on some of its watches. The designers of the new watch did a great service by selecting a slick old-style Tissot script logo, which is certainly a lot more inspiring than the blocky sans serif the Swatch-cousin uses now.

Of course, thinking about 1950s men's fashion made me wonder what watch Draper wears on Mad Men. (It should come as no surprise that his every fashion choice has been dissected online.) Turns out he's a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso kind of guy. Nice, but well out of my price range.


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