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Why iSupr8 For iPhone Is A Great Idea

iSupr8 is an iPhone app that mimics the look and feel of shooting Super 8 movie film. It's currently free, thanks to sponsorship by Levi's. I initially dismissed it as awkward hipsterism, but then realized that it may well introduce a new generation to the wonders of small format film. And that's a good thing.

The app features lots of classic imagery from the Super 8 era -- you get to choose a camera case and the type of Super 8 cartridge you're shooting. You also get to muck around with adjustable frame rates (12 / 18 / 24 fps) and even add quirks like film burn, scratches and even a visible frame gate. Of course, it's only a digital simulation. But it's enough to pique the interest.

I suspect untold thousands will download this app and muck around with it for a short while, but there will be a handful of intrepid users who move on to try real film. After all, it's possible to get into Super 8 filmmaking for far less than the $649 price tag of an iPhone.

You can pick up a decent Super 8 camera for under $50, and a 50 foot cartridge of Ektachrome 100D film costs $17 (plus another $12 for processing from Dwayne's photo). Projectors can be found at garage sales and swap meets (they're not so popular on eBay because they cost a small fortune to ship).

If you've never shot film, iSupr8 could very well be your introduction to a fantastic hobby. And if you've tried Super 8 in the distant past, it might encourage you to shoot a few carts of the real thing.

iSupr8 Levi's® Film Workshop Edition [iTunes preview page]


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