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Atari Rolls Out The Flashback 3 Classic Game Console

The Atari Flashback XVII

You have to wonder how many times Atari is going to allow AtGames to trot out repackaged editions of the 2600. This itty, bitty version of the old workhorse includes five dozen titles and has joystick ports on the front instead of the rear. It also includes a limited edition Atari poster, two slightly miniaturized versions of the classic single button stick and, um, that's about it.

Ahh, Night Driver. I remember you well...

This time around it looks like they've stuck exclusively to Atari titles — there are no Activision classics like Pitfall on board. Still, you get a handful of essential 2600 games like Asteroids (with trippy mauve asteroids), Missile Command, Yar's Revenge (with a trippy neutral zone) and Centipede. Sadly, there's a lot of filler here as well — only a dedicated (or very bored) fan is likely to while away hours playing Combat, 3D Tic-Tac-Toe or Hangman.

I can't say I'll be trading in my Flashback 2 for one of these, but if you missed out last time this is definitely a fun way to step back in time by about three decades. Just remember — Buy Microsoft, then dump it and buy Apple before the turn of the century and you'll be laughing.

The Flashback is available from Amazon for $60 [via Technabob]


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