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Kraftwerk Retrospective - All 8 Albums Performed Live

Kraftwerk wireframe
In early April, New York's Museum of Modern Art will host eight consecutive nights of Kraftwerk performing all 8 of their original albums. Live. My God.

In these days of so many long-in-the-tooth musicians cashing in on their back catalog, this event promises to be a fresh look at the pivotal synth artists' entire repertoire in a series called "Kraftwerk - Retrospective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8" They promise that these eight performances will not only feature their sublime and seminal synth music, but each evening will feature 3D visualizations tailored to MOMA's Marron Atrium. Another break with contemporary music industry convention is that these once-in-a-lifetime performances are quite reasonably priced at $25.

Kraftwerk robots2If you're a New Yorker, or if like me you're trying to figure out a way to take two weeks off to fly to NY for this staggeringly cool sounding event, you can find more details at MOMA's website. The group did a similar residency in Munich in 2011. Is it possible that if this US exhbition goes well, Kraftwerk would consider doing similarly affordable "installations" in other cities around the globe? Pretty please?


MOMA website with dates and details


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