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Polaroid Z2300 Digital Retro Camera - It Prints!

Polaroid z2300 headline
Polaroid has never been willing to let go entirely of their on-the-spot printing roots. From time to time they march out a new "fun" camera, but with the individual prints costing good money, and the ubiquity of camera phones for sharing memories instantly, who was going to carry around an old Polaroid camera these days?

The new Z2300 is an interesting hybrid that just might hit the right balance of old and new ways to share photos. For $159 you get a 10 megapixel pocket sized digital point and shoot (note the nod to the retro styling of older Polaroid gear with that rainbow-esque stripe on a white body). The camera has got built in  special effects filters, shoots video... it even mentions something called "Classic Polaroid Border" which I hope means you can create pictures with the offset white frame like an old Polaroid print.

Speaking of printing, that's the remarkable part of this camera I'm going to like. You can go through your digital shots, and chose to chug out an honest-to-goodness physical print. The camera even has simple cropping so you print just what you want. The camera uses Polaroid's "Zink" cartridges which have paper and ink in a single cart. A cartridge can print 50 2x3" images (that are also stickers!) for $25.
Polaroid z2300 body
I was a big fan of Polaroid's i-zone camera from some years back... tiny 1" prints with sticky backs so you could put pictures up anywhere - which was a big part of the fun. It was still a fully "analog" system, so you didn't really know what your pictures were going to look like until they popped out of the camera. This new Z2300 camera promises a new breed of photo sharing fun. Not only can you share your photos digitally, but your choicest snaps can enter the real world via a mini print you can create anywhere. With the Z2300, stick your photos up on Facebook, or stick them right onto your face.

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