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BlueTube Wireless Tube Amplifier

BlueTube amplifier

Adam Clarkson writes, "I was hoping that you would take the time to look over a new project that we are just releasing. It is a hand built wood enclosed blue tooth enabled vacuum tube amplifier."

While I'm usually leery of contraptions that meld vintage audio technology with modern digital doodads, the BlueTube Audio Tube Amplifier is nicely done. And, honestly, nearly every modern phone has a bluetooth chip to allow wireless audio transfer; it would be silly not to use it.

This clever little stereo amp puts out 8W per channel from its Class A push-pull design. It includes dual inputs (1/8" audio in and stereo RCA in), built-in bluetooth receiver, a USB charging port, spring loaded speaker connections and a solid 3/4" walnut and cherry hand-rubbed case.

BlueTube rear

The project was recently posted on Kickstarter, but it's already full funded. That means production will go ahead with the first batch of amplifiers shipping in April, 2013. A pledge of $550 gets you the amplifier for use with your own 8 ohm speakers, while $775 buys the amp with a matching pair of 4" speakers.

BlueTube Audio vacuum tube amplifier with built-in Bluetooth [Kickstarter]


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