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Last Chance for Rogue Red Clear Classic USB Joysticks - 2 Day Sale!

Rogue Red joystick

We just built the final few dozen of our exclusive Rogue Red Clear Classic USB Joysticks. This is it, there won't be any more - in fact the mold isn't capable of making any more, even if we wanted to. If you're the kind of person who waits until the last minute... this is it.

Need a little extra push? Until Saturday at midnight, our Retro Red USB Joysticks are only $29.99 with free shipping within the US. We won't be repeating this offer again as we expect to sell out the last of our stock in the next few days.

Boxes of boxesTo all those of you who helped make this fusion of current tech and retro good looks a success, thank you. You made our Clear Classic controller a consistent Top Ten product on Amazon (we rocketed all the way up to #2!) More importantly, every joystick helps keep Retro Thing going, and we're very grateful.

We're also very grateful to not have to spend long nights assembling sticks.That's right, they were all assembled in the U.S. of A. in our Chicago HQ. No underpaid overseas assembly service... in fact, everyone who touched the Clear Classic joysticks had a college degree. Now we can see what exactly a college degree is worth, I suppose.

But I digress. This is absolutely your last chance to get a Clear Classic USB joystick. When you plug it into any USB port, the whole stick lights up red. You can use it on any computer with any game that accepts input from a standard USB d-pad. Some games (including online Flash games) are keyboard-only, so please ensure that your favorite game is joystick compatible.

We expect to sell out very soon, and once they're gone, they're gone.

Thanks again to all of you for making our first Retro Thing hardware product a success, and thanks for keeping Retro Thing going. We hope to keep at it for many more years to come.

Order your Rogue Red Clear Classic USB joystick from Amazon before it's too late.


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