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Everybody Needs A Passenger Train In The Basement

The wonders of woodgrain

Jason Shron is a train fanatic who built a replica VIA Rail train car in his Toronto basement. His crazy scheme involved purchasing a retired VIA coach and stripping the seats, groovy Seventies carpeting, luggage racks, coat hooks, garbage receptacles, signs and everything else he could get his hands on. 

Shron explains: "Some guys have model trains in their basements. Some guys have some memorabilia from real trains in their basements. I think I can safely say I'm the only guy in Canada with a real train in his basement. 

We each have a favourite place: a place where we feel completely at home, where the stresses and headaches of daily life seem to melt away and we can just chill and regroup. My favourite place is on board the VIA train, especially on board the VIA trains of my youth, riding the Rapido between Toronto and Montreal. Now I have this special place in my house."

I suspect Jason will find it incredibly hard to sell his house if he ever wishes to move, but at least now he can grab his favourite seat by the window and wonder if the train will ever leave the platform... just like the real thing.

KingstonSub [via Hacked Gadgets]


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