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Amiga Forever Brings Classic Computing Power To Android

Amiga on androidI've got an iPad, and it's a lovely device. Elegant and otherworldly (I can push icons around with my finger!) it's a great way to do a lot of things... as long as what you want to do is exactly what Apple wants you to do. I must have been naive, but when I got the thing, I was surprised at how limited my access is to this very expensive thing I bought. I can't just copy files onto the iPad without getting iTunes' okay, and I can't really run any of my favorite classic game & computer emulators even though the hardware is more than powerful enough.

You can get some classic game pre-packs for iPad, but nothing with the freedom that makes emulation fun. it goes without saying that there are no Nintendo emulators for iPad, and all of the other ones just feel like me paying again for the same games I've owned for 20 years. So if you're a retro gamer on the go, and in the know, you go Android. Plenty of emulators there, and no "walled garden" attitude about what you can put on your Android hardware.

Af-essentials-google-play-miniI'm excited about the new release of Amiga Forever Essentials for Android from Cloanto. Cloanto are the creators of the justifiably famous "Amiga Forever" and "C64 Forever" emulation suites that make running these retro platforms on modern computers very easy. Now they bring their Amiga knowhow to the Android market. While there have been a couple of Amiga emulators for Android, Amiga Forever Essentials provides the crucial (and legal!) ROM files that emulators need in order to work. So for a measly 99 cents you can ensure that your Amiga emus have the proper ROM files to get the best emulated performance of my favorite computer from the 80s and 90s. Cloanto worked with the creators of popular Amiga emulators like UAE4Droid and AnUAE4All to ensure that they will auto-detect Amiga Forever's ROM install.

Amiga Forever Essentials includes ROMs for every major revision of the Amiga OS up to version 3.1, and also includes a virtual demo disk with some of the Amiga's famous graphical demos that dazzled us all back in those colorless days of the early mac and MS Windows (shiver). Below is a link to the Android store so that you can become a legal Amiga fan for just 99 cents.


Amiga Forever Essentials at the Android Market
Cloanto homepage for Amiga Forever Essentials


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