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Fujifilm Goes Retro With A New Instant Print Camera


Yes, I know we live in the digital age. That doesn't stop me enjoying a good book or even reading a newspaper once in a while. Alas, it's been several years since I shot real film. Instead, I capture life's little moments with my phone. And then I forget about them. 

Fujifilm's diminutive Instax Mini 90 camera is a wonderful way to ensure that your snapshots linger in the real world. Each cartridge shoots ten 62mm x 46mm instant prints, so you can give your friends physical mementos of your pub crawls, outings and 50 Shades re-enactments. 

The camera features a 60 mm F/12.7 lens with macro mode, automatic exposure and an automatic flash with red-eye reduction and brightness control. It weighs in at a reasonable 296 g and the NP-45A rechargeable battery is good for about 10 packs. 

Real photos aren't cheap, but instant prints are definitely more fun than Facebooking an endless stream of Instagram snapshots. There's no word on when the mini 90 will be available in the US and Canada. 

instax mini 90 Neo Classic [official Fujifilm site]


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