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"The Blues Brothers" Done Proud - Lego Style

The team at Bricktease.com have just posted a painstaking all-Lego recreation of one of the most infamous scenes from 1980's "The Blues Brothers". As both a Chicagoan and a Lego fan, this story is a joyous collision of so many things I still cherish.

As a love letter to Chicago, The Blues Brothers has it all. James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and John Lee Hooker all in the same movie? At the time the film was one of the most expensive comedies ever made. Not coincidentally. the project held the record for the most cars wrecked during filming; 103. I like to think of it as almost a musical since the screen erupts with fantastic performances every few minutes (though there's no sign of typical movie-music saccharine). Seeing Cab Calloway's performance of Minnie the Moocher makes me want to leap out of my chair every single time.

There's an amazing car chase scene though a shopping mall where the boys wreak havoc on stores and shoppers while the cops are in pursuit. It's a great dynamic scene that's shot remarkably well. A Lego movie making group called Bricktease was clearly just as taken by this iconic scene as I was, and they set out to recreate it shot by shot with stop-motion animated Lego.

This is a painstaking task. When you've watched the all-Lego clip, check out this side-by-side comparison, and you'll see just how amazingly close the Lego version is to the original film. There's even a behind-the-scenes video so you can check out just how time intensive this project was. Congratulations to Duncan and the rest of the team! Did ya get mah Cheez Whiz, boy?


Watch this video to see how Bricktease created this amazing project


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